Things around the house should be properly arranged to suit you and everyone who lives inside it; glasses are in the kitchen, sofa is in the living room, beds are in the sleeping room.

The same thing is with glassware and drinks inside your liquor cabinet: it has to be sorted out to not only look better, but also to save you from taking out bottles every time you want to grab something, contributing to the overall space-saving efforts in your home. Here are several tips which can help you in the process.

Everything has its place

Everything has its place, and there is a place for everything. Liquor is no exception. Start by removing all the bottles from your cabinet, and once you are done doing that, sort them out. Put whiskeys in one corner, vodkas in another, tequilas in the back, and gin up front, or any way you like it as long as there is order and you are visually satisfied.

Spirit, brand, flavor

Get a pen and a piece of paper. Start writing down everything and make a proper inventory, then sort out everything by spirit, flavor and brand. There are lots of categories which you may include, such as vodka, browns (whiskey and rye), gin, rum, tequila, creams (baileys, Kahlua, etc.), liqueurs, grenadiers, etc.

Save the list

Once you are done creating the inventory, make sure you tape it on the inside of the cabinet. This will come in handy faster than you know it, for there is no better way of keeping an eye on your liquor then by having a list of everything you own. And each time you finish a bottle, mark it on the list to let yourself know that it is time to refill. Also, on the list you can put instructions on how to make cocktails, in case you get guests which party hard or you decide to try something new. Each cabinet should have a diversity of hand-picked liquor specials straight from the store, and having a few extra flavors for cocktails will not spoil the fun.

Order is everything

Believe it or not, but it is very important to know how to organize your bottles. They come in different sizes and shapes and it is crucial to arrange them properly. Usually, the largest bottles go in the back of the shelf and the smallest go out front. Also, it is important to leave opened bottles in front so that you end up using them again next time instead of opening another bottle. Organization is everything.

Once you are finished, celebrate!

Nothing improves one’s mood like a victory celebration. If you have everything, it is time to try out your new liquor, just to make sure everything is in perfect working order; or in this case, drinking order. Celebrate by making yourself a drink of your favorite liquor, relax on your sofa and admire your new liquor cabinet. You finally did it.

Once everything is organized and put in its place, it will give that special eye appeal that most people want to see. Neat and well organized so that the alcohol can have a proper care. Now you are a proud owner of an organized liquor cabinet.

Proper Ways to Organize a Liquor Cabinet in Your Home
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