When you hear people talk about staging a home, know that they refer to a method of decorating design to display the home’s best assets. A home is staged when it needs to be sold, and the owner/seller wants to impress buyers and sell the real estate quickly for the highest possible price. A great and low-cost way for showcasing your home is certainly its paint color. You will be at an advantage if you stage your home with fresh and appealing paint, because not all sellers stage their homes (especially when it comes to homes in lower price ranges). Here is what you can do.

Go Neutral

It is important that buyers do not get distracted by someone else’s distinctive style. That is why the colors should be neutral, because potential buyers will then see the house walls as a blank canvas for implementing their personal style and preferences. Neutral colors, besides white, can be strong with neutral hues that can enhance the buyer’s experience. Forget that myth that neutral colors are boring, because a neutral, calming backdrop can bring out bold elements into the interior design, show off textures and furnishings, offer lots of colorful opportunities and can blend with any style. For wall painting, neutral colors to consider are: 1039 stone house, 199 barley, and HC-98 providence olive.

Refresh And Take Care Of Imperfections

Try using color to highlight various features and architectural details of your home. Remove the wallpaper if it is outdated or has a distracting effect, and update the look with a fresh coat of paint. Reduce imperfections on ceilings and walls by using low-sheen products. Darker paints are known to reflect less light and are a better choice for hiding defects. However, they can make a room look smaller than it really is, and can create a dreary atmosphere, claim Sydney-based painting services experts. Colors like HC-111 nantucket gray, HC-45 shaker beige, and HC-93 carrington beige are colors to consider for refreshing and updating.

Maximize The Space

What makes a room look larger than it really is? An organized, clean and light space always appears bigger, so focus on cleaning and decluttering. A light, neutral color can bring any room to life. Use clever contrasts and light colors to liven up the room and make it appear brighter and more expansive. If you paint the moldings and wall trim in a color lighter than the one on your walls, it will seem that the walls are farther back. Great, space-maximizing color choices are HC-26 monroe bisque, HC-81 manchester tan, and 2143-40 camouflage.

Invigorate Outside Spaces

It is said that you have to sell a home to a potential buyer three times – online, when they drive by, and when they come inside. If they are not attracted by what they see on the outside, they will probably skip stepping inside and keep on driving. Besides trimming the front lawn, maintaining the garden, and paving the driveway, put a coat of fresh paint on your fencing or mailbox, front door and porch. Paint the front door in a strong accent color, and make sure that it blends the right way with other fixed elements. The porch, patio or deck should also be freshly stained or painted. Colors suitable for refreshing a home exterior are: AF-300 dinner party, HC-112 tate olive, and HC-133 yorktowne green.

Selling a home is an important financial transaction. Because of that, staging a home should be obligatory, because it increases the chances of selling it faster and for a higher price. Besides cleaning, decluttering, removing odors, fixing the lighting and depersonalizing, adding a fresh coat of the right paint is a great way for making the residence more attractive to potential buyers, but does not break the bank.

Paint Colors that Can Sell Your Home

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