Your home is one of your life’s most important investments. You have given a great deal of time and money for it and everything else inside it. This includes the space that often goes wasted on unnecessary clutter.

Call it minimalistic or simplistic – but no one can deny that a spacious home is more relaxing, inviting, and overall fresh. Unfortunately, not every room is blessed with space real estate. If you are one of those unfortunate ones, here are several space-saving methods that anyone could do:

Using DIY Crate Shelves

One of the simplest ways to save space in style is to make DIY crate shelves. You don’t even need to pick anything else up for this. Just take two or more wooden crates, stack them vertically on top of each other (with the openings facing one side), and you have yourself a versatile storage space that can fit anywhere!

If you want, you can sand the surface smooth and paint the crate with any color you want. You can also leave the wood be as they can give off a rustic appeal. That depends on the wood, though.

Maximize Shelf-Height

Remember that the goal is to save as much space as possible. The area above your cabinet or shelf is still space, so why aren’t you saving it? Of course, your shelf or cabinet probably isn’t tall enough to reach the ceiling. But you can increase its height by placing crate shelves on top of them to provide additional space for your things.

Alternatively, you can just put vertical stuff on top of these shelves such as trophies, boots, or plants. Remember that the goal is to utilize every inch of vertical space in your house – not an inch wasted.

Use the Space under Coffee Tables

Yes – the space under tables, including the coffee table in your living room, may also be used and saved. It is still space after all. Here, you can stack things like books or vases in a neat pile. Better yet, use a chest or wicker hamper as a coffee table and stuff things inside it – just not the things you’ll need frequently like tissue paper or kitchenware. Add a cloth on top for the finishing touch.

If you don’t want to soil your carpet by placing furniture underneath your coffee table, use a rug or a flat piece of wood. Although, you shouldn’t worry too much about to finding companies that offer professional Carpet Cleaning. Gold Coast, Sydney, and everywhere else in the world should have professional services you can find online.

Having Fun with Pegboards

Pegboards are versatile DIY tools that can provide you with extra storage. You can use wood planks and attach them on hooks to create your own pegboard shelf, attach wireframe baskets for storing socks or handkerchiefs, attach hooks and use them to hang coats, and so on. In the right hands, there is nothing an equipped pegboard can’t hold.

Pegboards can also be used to organize devices with long wiring, which can prevent tangled wires. For example, you can mount a pegboard in one wall where you can attach a power strip, a landline phone, a router, and so on.

Adhesive Magnet Strips (or Magnetic Knife Racks) Everywhere

For those who have plenty of metal tools (basically anyone who cooks, maintains a garden, and has personal hygiene), then you can use an adhesive magnet strip or a magnetic knife rack as a mountable storage tool. You can attach them literally anywhere you need – from the side of a bookshelf to the tiny wall space in between two large pieces of furniture.

Magnetic knife holders are also inexpensive, so you can have plenty of them and place them in multiple locations. You can place them behind the stove, under cabinets, on window frames, etc.

Ladder Power

The best thing about decorating your own home is that there are no rules. You can hang towels on them if you strategically place one in your bathroom or use a step stool as a convenient place for shoes. When you’re out of ideas, you can saw off half of a wooden ladder, lean it against a wall, and put all sorts of things on it.

6 Amazing Ways to Save Space in Style

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