Believe it or not, but windows are very important addition to every house since their functions are more important than just letting the light in and letting the air come in.

They have far more important roles, such as insulation and energy-saving and soundproofing, so their proper selection is crucial for successful building and renovation projects.

When it comes to the window type, double glazed glass is probably the best choice for it offers all of the above listed functions and just having it makes you feel more comfortable and calm, knowing that you are helping protect the environment. Here are some of the reasons why everyone should install double glazed windows into their homes and offices.

Start with insulation

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass with the trapped air in between. What this does is create a perfect insulation because the air leak is reduced to minimum, in some cases there is no air leak whatsoever. Also, one can put desiccant between the glass layers to prevent fog or moisture formation, which is particularly handy if you use windows to enclose a patio. Double amount of glass will definitely stop the heat from leaving your house, which makes your house warmer in the cold winter days and cooler in the burning summer time. Heat loss through single glazed windows is more than 50 % than from the double glazed windows.

Energy saving ability

As mention before, double glazed windows are entirely “green”, and eco-friendly, since the release of CO2 from your home is reduced to a minimum, making your environment cleaner and fresher. Also, you will spend less energy on cooling and heating, which will also help preserve the environment by saving more energy. Double glazed windows have the ability to absorb the heat of the sun and transfer it into your household, which allows for extra heating when needed. Overall, they are a perfect green retrofit for your house and office, and can be bought at any glass-specialized company, or say Melbourne-based experts for double glazed windows.

Soundproof glass

Double glaze makes your windows almost entirely soundproof, reducing the incoming sounds to a minimum, almost none. This is a great addition if your neighbourhood is noisy, or you live next to the main road. You will have a better sleep, have more quiet time for yourself and your family, and nothing will obstruct your work from home, or your morning nap. There are many types of double glazed windows which can affect the level of noise reduction. The best ones for reducing noise at home are laminated acoustic double glazed windows, since they decrease the noise by up to 35 decibels. How quiet and amazing is that?

The amount of UV damage is decreased

Probably the biggest advantage of having double glazed windows is the reduced amount of UV rays penetration. They work like a sunscreen, and deflect most of the UV rays, thus reducing the damaging effects inside your house. If you want to protect your home even more, consider getting a tinted glass, or laminated for full protection of up to 90 %.

As you can see, double glazed windows have more than just one use, and doing a research will get you familiar will all the benefits of this super glass. Installing them in your house and office and significantly increase your working surroundings, make your environment healthier and greener.

Double Glazing: A Truly Green Window Retrofit

Lillian Connors

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