The threat of somebody trespassing in your homes is maybe one of the greatest fears you have. Every day your family or yourself, if you are living alone, is in great danger from robbers, maniacs, killers and other criminals who wish to do you harm.

Since the number of crime has grown, the number of security alarm systems has also developed. Here are five of the best security alarm systems that were tried and tested to be efficient.

#1 Scout Alarm

The Scout Alarm is a 7-piece set which costs $319. It comes with an alarm hub that can be connected to a router, a motion detector, a door sensor, 2 access sensors and a key chain that can arm or disarm the system. The Scout app is only downloadable on the iOs. When the alarm is tripped, an email, call or text will be received. The Scout alarm requires a professional monitoring fee of about $9.99 every month.

#2 Simpli Safe

The Simpli Safe wireless system is an 8 piece set that costs $259.95 on What’s great about it is that you can customize your own alarm system. The process of setting it up is easy and it does not need internet connection to make it work. Just plug it in and it’s ready. You can make some changes in the settings on its online dashboard. The online dashboard consists of options that allow you to set PIN for some trusted people. SimpliSafe is also a DIY monitoring system with fees up to $24.99 per month.

#3 Myfox

Myfox is a security alarm system that prevents break-ins right before they happen. It has sensors which can be placed on windows and doors. These sensors can differentiate between normal vibrations from motions that are produced from an attempted break-in or burglary. When the sensors detect a threat to the security, the alarm will immediately sound off preventing anyone from entering.

#4 Korner

Korners are sensors that can be placed on the corners of windows and doors. After that, plug a dongle into the router and download the Korner application. It does not come with any cameras or motion sensors. All you need to monitor are the Korners. They come in cheap compared to other systems at just 3 for $59.

#5 Piper

The piper alarm costs about $299 in and has a 105 decibel alarm. So, you are guaranteed it will sound off quite nicely and loud too. It comes with an HD camera and 2 Z-wave compatible accessories. The Piper application is downloadable in both iOs and android. It can detect loud sounds and motion quickly and notifies homeowners via call, text and email. You could also track your house’s temperature, humidity, noise and activity levels.

These security alarms are true to their word. They can protect you and your family in your own homes. The price is just a small price to pay, knowing that your family is kept safe. Now, you can be confident to even leave your doors unlocked because these alarms will stay wide awake to keep watch. Give a call at All Point restoration for water damage repair in Brea, CA.

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