You have managed to secure that piece of land you have had your eye on for a long time, and are now ready to build your dream home.

Being the environmentally conscious individual that you are, you have resolved to build a green, sustainable home.

We looked at some ideas for helping you achieve this.

Early Thoughts

One of the most difficult aspects of home design is that you immediately are thinking of the finished product, many steps ahead from the current reality, which is probably a patch of grass or gravel. However, it is critical that you rewind yourself to the here and now. There are a number of decisions that you will make at this stage, including around materials and energy, that will have a long-term impact on your home, and cost you a lot of money to change in the future.

If you are able to, hire a designer skilled in the planning of green buildings, preferably homes, to help you get the design you want.

Key Considerations

What will you and your designer need to consider when thinking about a plan for your dream green home?

Before buying the land, consider the direction your house will be facing in, as solar orientation can have a massive impact on how efficient solar panelling is, as well as the overall comfort and energy efficiency of the home.

Consider how your home can make the most of the natural landscape and environment, whether it is wind direction for turbines or the use of rainwater.

Think about where in the house each room is and the size of the windows. South facing windows are more efficient, so are you able to minimise window placement elsewhere without making your home look like a prison?

Going Deeper

The advantages of working with a professional designer are huge, as not only will they be able to come up with a great design but they will also offer guidance on materials and construction techniques, both of which are critical elements of ensuring that a building is “green.” Your home cannot be a true sustainable build if environmentally damaging techniques were used in building it.

To that end, once you have completed the design process you need to explain your requirements to contractors. Stick to your green principles, and if they are unable to build in an environmentally friendly manner, then respectfully thank them but look elsewhere.

Once everything is in place, building of your dream green home can begin. Once complete, you will have a comfortable, energy efficient, sustainable paradise for yourself and your family.

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How to Design Your Dream Green Home
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