There is no doubt that we live in a very exciting time when technological advances are in question. Over the last ten years, we have seen new technology be introduced to pretty much every aspect of our lives. This is also true when we are talking home design and architecture.

These days, we are hearing a lot about the results of combining all of the new technology that has to do with living spaces – the smart homes.

What we want to do today is take a more detailed look into smart homes and whether they are truly as great as they sound, whether it makes sense to invest in or buy a smart home; whether it makes sense to turn your property into one.

Things We Like

There can be no doubt that smart homes introduce some extremely interesting concepts to architecture, home design and especially energy efficiency.

The way in which smart homes contribute to saving the environment is definitely one of the more intriguing aspects of such homes. These homes are built using materials and technologies which ensure energy is not wasted. The same goes for water which is never wasted in smart homes. This is definitely something we like when smart homes are in question.

Then, there is also the issue of security which is handled more seriously and comprehensively in smart homes. Namely, in such homes, all of the security features such as smart locks, video surveillance, alarm systems and even fire and CO2 detectors are all integrated, offering you security that individual systems simply cannot. We have talked to locksmiths from Sydney, Australia and they have told us that, while all of this is true, good old-fashioned physical security in form of sturdy locks and bolts will never go out of fashion.

Entertainment is another feature of smart homes that will be a dramatic improvement over the existing systems. Entertainment systems are so well integrated into smart homes that you do not even notice them until you need them. And when you do, everything is voice-controlled and works together to provide people in the smart home with entertainment on a whole different level.

Things We Don’t Like

There are also a few things that we really don’t like about smart homes and that might prove to be a problem in the future as more and more people start living in smart homes.

For one, there is the price. This is definitely something that cannot be overlooked. All of that technology costs money and things are even more expensive if you try and turn an ordinary home into a smart one. It is not the same as replacing a few light bulbs.

In addition to this, we do not like the “vulnerability” of smart homes. Namely, these homes are very dependent on electricity. All of the systems need electricity to work and there is always danger of a shortage or something that could bring the entire house down. For instance, imagine your entire security system not working because of a shortage, or not being able to heat the home because the electricity is out. And this is not even mentioning the possibility of cyber-attacks on your home.

Our Verdict

In our opinion, purchasing or investing in a smart home is still not the smartest realty decision that you could make. It still more of a concept than reality for most people and for the majority of people, the price is still too high. There are some concepts there that are definitely very exciting and that will definitely become the way of the future, but it is not yet time.

Smart Homes – A Smart Realty Solution for the Future?

James Burbank

James D. Burbank has been in the trade show industry for more than a decade, working in Australasia, Europe and Central Asia. He has been everywhere and seen everything. Follow James on Twitter - @JBurbank2019.

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