You have achieved one of your life goals when you had a place of your own. Of course, it’s only natural that you would want to decorate it your way.

However, due to the limited space, you can’t stuff everything in it as much as you want to, especially in your shoebox of a closet.

You barely have enough space for furniture and carpet cleaning in this Melbourne flat of yours, let alone a big closet to store all your clothes and shoes in.

The thing about organising your closet is that you will be able to maximise the small space you’ve got. If you’re still confused as to how you’re going to do this, read on to find out how!

#1 De-clutter and Sort

Throw out clothes that you don’t use anymore. It’s time to let go of those sweaters and boots that you’ve already outgrown. Dispose articles of clothing that you don’t need to make room for the ones that you wear every day. After picking the stuff that you would get rid of and retain, sort them out whichever way you want to. Organise your clothes according to colour. Store your clothes that are out of season in plastic boxes then shove them under your bed for future use. Only hang in your closet rod the ones that you will use for the current time of the year.

#2 Install More Shelves

Having one closet doesn’t mean you cannot extend your apparel storage. You can buy ready-made shelves in hardware stores or convert your small childhood bookshelf into an instant shoe rack. Ditch the shoeboxes and place it by your doorway so you could easily pick up your shoes before heading out. You may also put your bags and other trinkets on it if there is not enough space in your main closet. You can choose between mounted and stand-alone shelves, depending on how much your flat can accommodate.

#3 Save Your Scarves

Randomly stuffing your scarves and purses in your drawer can be quite chaotic. Instead of piling them up in your cabinets, hang them neatly on nifty curtain rod rings. You can also place additional hooks on your closet door where you can hang your hats and shawls. Tie hangers could double as tank top hangers during the summer. Pick wooden hangers or hooks since they retain your clothing’s shape better, plus they don’t rust and they last longer.

#4 Bring in Some Baskets

Place handmade or plastic boxes and trays in your closet for extra storage. Designate baskets for your accessories so you’ll know where to find them even when you’re rushing out. Make sure that you arrange them accordingly so they won’t look cluttered. If you’re an avid collector of gloves, baskets would be your best bet. This would prevent damage to your winter wear that is oftentimes caused by carelessly tossing them in your drawers.

#5 Take Out Dirty Laundry

Dirty clothes could take up so much space in your closet and can cause unpleasant odours to your fresh clothes. It is advisable to set up an external hamper so you can gather them easily when it’s washing time. It’s important that you separate dirty clothes from freshly-laundered ones to keep your closet neat and fuss-free.

Small Space, Big Style

Living in a flat can be challenging especially if you have a limited space to work on. If you would just be creative enough, you can find surefire techniques in expanding your closet area. Your other options include adding an extra shelf or rod in your closet if you have more room so that you would be able to hang more clothes on it. Don’t fret if you think you’re running out of fresh ideas for your closet because you can always look for inspiration in interior design magazines and blogs. Try incorporating various concepts that you would find into your over-all plan and make it unique while being practical!

5 Ways to Maximize Your Condo Closet Space

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