Interior design isn’t something we do often. That’s why it’s important that the styles and techniques that we choose for our homes will keep us comfortable for a long time. If you’re in the mood for redecorating, but feel a bit out of touch, you’re not alone.

We’re here to share some of the latest 2012 trends that can be incorporated with your own style and tastes. This will help you create a décor you’ll love for years to come.

Some of the hottest interior designers get their fabulous ideas from current trends. Use these five trends to inspire your home’s décor from colors to themes and furniture to artwork.

1) Pastels

When fans of the SS12 catwalks saw gorgeous runway models draped in sorbet colors, everyone knew this fashion trend would soon be seen in interior design catalogs too. Light rooms have a sugary sweet look when they’re accessorized with pastel shades. Pastel colored furnishings, such as cushions, give a room a soft touch, making it feel cozy and inviting. If you want some depth, create a feature wall that’s illustrative and alluring. This will make a great focal point and conversation piece.

2) Homemade Havens

In Britain, one of the hottest trends began in 2011, with an “all things knitted” attitude. This brought on the trend of homemade furnishings and accessories. This passion for crafting help interior designs take on a unique feel. Soft furnishings have the echo of homemade features. Some of them include embroidered designs, appliqued lettering and chunky knits. Patchwork quilts have become must-haves in UK homes.

3) Woodland

The woodlands continues to be a hot trend in interior design. This year, cute and sexy woodland creatures like squirrels and foxes are taking center stage of home décor. Natural woods, leaves and colors of brown and green are dominating the interior designing scene. These forest-like fashions all compliment the home-crafted look homeowners love so much.

4. Make-Believe Land

Another hot trend this year is the land of imaginary places. Mismatched chairs and oversized mirrors add to the allure of fairy tale worlds and never-never lands. When using these types of themes, accessorize with cake stands, cups, saucers and teapots, as in Alice in Wonderland. Add to the décor with unusually shaped plants and fantasy themed prints.

5) Quality Before Quantity

Today, decorating your home with high quality goods beats the old trend of having lots of “things.” No more veneer plywood. Interior designers are now opting for genuine wood. Homely, reliable décor is quickly replacing sleep, contemporary designs. People are spending their money on valuable goods that not only make a fashion statement, but are built to last. This is the true idea of luxury in 2012.

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5 Interior Design Trends for 2012 That Will Surely Blow Your Mind
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Written by Kiesha Joseph and Leah Del Rosario who are home improvement ambassadors of Sprinkler System Store. The Sprinkler System Store provides quality products for your lawn and garden watering needs. Compliment your beautiful interior design with a DIY landscaping design.

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