One of the most common problems in every home arrangement is the lack of functional storage space. No matter how well you’ve designed your house, it often seems like things are simply showing up from everywhere, as if they want to enslave your free space.

If this sounds familiar, we have ea few useful tips for you. It’s not about how many square feet of usable area you have in your home, but where you will place those things you don’t use very often.

Shoe storage

When you enter someone’s home, you probably get the first impression right there in the hall, while taking off your shoes. There’s nothing worse than scattered shoes all around the place. Spacious tree-piece shoe storage should solve this problem – one large sliding drawer for your shoes, one smaller for umbrellas and one drawer at the top perfect for keys and other smaller items.

Universal storage for cleaning items

Things like a vacuum cleaner, broom, dust cleaner, and different cleansers should be placed together and locked in a separate closet out of the reach of children. Not only will your house seem tidier but it will be safer too. You could arrange your bathroom in a similar way. All those items you don’t use every day can be put away on a shelf which you can install above the bathroom door.

Find more space in your kitchen

Many people’s kitchens tend to get cluttered and require more room than you have available. When you come back from your regular shopping or with a monthly food supplies, you often find yourself in trouble because you bought more than you can actually put it in your fridge and freezer. Do yourself a favor and get a few plastic food shelving units where you can put lots of smaller items like fish cans, spreads, cheeses, cans, etc. Food with a shorter shelf life can be stored in vacuum plastic containers. Check out these great solutions for kitchen storage.

Smart solutions

Even the smallest hanging shelf can bring some harmony to your living room. There you could place books which you don’t read as often as your favorite ones. If you do not want your living room to look like a playroom flooded with toys, crayons or board games, you need to provide the place for and teach your children to put the toys away when they finish playing. You should do the same thing with your jewelry. It’s no wonder you are constantly losing your earrings if you keep leaving them on the desk. Keep your jewelry boxes in a safe place.

Outdoor storage

If you have a family member who likes doing handyman work around the house, there’s a high probability your garage is cluttered with various tools, a lawn mower, leaf blower and similar machines. In case you haven’t got a basement this can be a real problem, so sometimes even your car must stay outside. Container shelters are elegant and practical for these kinds of problems. You can simply install them anywhere you want in your back yard and get an extra storage room.

In conclusion

Every house looks nicer when it’s clean and organized. If everything has its place, it will always be within reach when you need it. It doesn’t take too much time and effort to keep your home running like a well-oiled machine, and clever organization surely will help get there.

Tips on Better Home Organization

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