Buying an old house or apartment has become a very common practice recently. In the overpriced real estate market, this makes perfect sense: you still get a home at an affordable price, along with all the time in this world to renovate it and modify it according to your needs.

However, sometimes buyers who are looking for a place that “has a soul”, very often end up frustrated with all the cosmetic work that is required for it feel like a home.

Well, here are a few tips which you can apply in order to make your old home feel new, without erasing its history.

Fix all the Major Problems

Before going into cosmetic renovation, you should absolutely concentrate on getting rid of the major flaws in your new home. Whether it is a leaking roof, problems related to electricity or simply heating, it is best to invest most of your energy and budget into covering the basics. We all feel excited to start adapting the home to our needs from the very beginning, but you should make sure it is a perfectly functional one in the first place!

Start with the Basics

Once your home doesn’t suffer from any major flaws (and let’s hope it didn’t in the first place), it is time to refresh the most basic aspects. The best thing would be to start with the paint. It is very important to pick the right color, as it later on serve you as a basis for further decoration and heavily influence your choice when it comes to purchasing new furniture, so take your time. Even if you are already in love with the current color, refreshing it is never a bad idea as the difference between a washed out and new paint can be huge.

The Importance of a Nice Floor

If you are reading this article, chances are that you are absolutely in love with the antique and rustic vibe, and it could be the main reason you bought your new home in the first place. At this point you may be facing the dilemma whether you should renovate the floors or not. And the answer is yes. Even If you are looking to preserve the antique atmosphere, the floor will need to be refreshed – repainted, polished, or whatever your heart desires. Since it serves as a basis for your furniture, you will see just how far you can go when it comes to experimenting with both old and new furniture placed on a freshly renovated, yet authentic old floor. It can either be a perfect match of the same style, or give a strong contrast, beautiful highlighting both styles. Squeeze a vintage rug in-between and you have yourself a perfect retro atmosphere.

Appropriate Details are Key

Nothing can project the retro style as well as details around the house. However, going out to the nearest flea market and simply buying everything that even remotely resembles an antique piece won’t do your home any good. Instead focus on a particular style or era and go with it. To emphasize the style, all you are going to need are a few lamps, paintings as well as some other objects from the past. Don’t go overboard as it is easy to get lost and turn an otherwise beautiful old home into a kitsch fest!

Although the end goal is for you to be perfectly comfortable and enjoy the atmosphere that you have created, don’t forget to enjoy the entire process of bringing your home closer to your dream place to live.

Simply Old to Beautifully Antique – How to Refresh Your New Home
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