When selling your home, you obviously want to get the best price you can possibly find. You may hire an appraiser to tell you how much your home is “worth,” take your real estate agent’s highest estimate at face value, or compare your house with similar ones in your neighborhood.

But the truth is that there are many ways you can boost your home’s value that take only a little investment of time and money on your part. A couple of hundred dollars and a few Saturdays can go a long way when selling your house. The trick is to make it look newer, bigger, and better – not to actually make it be any of those things. Here are a few easy ways to improve your home’s resale value without breaking the bank.

Get rid of the clutter!

Clutter is a natural phenomenon that happens in most houses. You start to make the bottom shelf of the coffee table the place to store old magazines without even thinking about it or noticing how messy it looks. You leave folded laundry on the staircase to bring upstairs later as a matter of routine. The counter next to the phone is the place for phone books, pens, medicine bottles – you name it. You probably don’t even notice how much smaller this clutter makes your house look. Get some giant plastic storage bins and start cleaning up. It will make a huge difference.

Put a new coat of paint on the walls

It’s quite possible that you have not even noticed your walls getting dingy but that they are, indeed, looking old and tired. You don’t need to make this a creative or thought consuming process by picking out new colors. Simply go to the hardware store and buy cans of paint in the colors you already have, hire some painters, and have them come in for a day repainting half the walls in your home. The next day, have them do the other half. You will notice everything looks better in a room with a fresh paint job.

Clean up and make use of your outdoor space

It’s easy to get lazy about yards and gardens. Leaving a rake here or some fish food there is normal for a lot of people. So normal in fact that you start to blind yourself to the messy look these things create. Spend an hour cleaning up outside as you would naturally do indoors. Once you have done that, mow the lawn and water the plants you already have. Clip anything that needs to be trimmed.

Add more flowers, shrubs, or even a small tree. Turn your outdoor space into an inviting area with a nice bench or other outdoor furniture. Even a small space can be improved upon, and people looking at your house will imagine themselves grilling, sipping wine, or simply sitting in the lovely spot in the back yard.

Pressure wash your siding, driveway, and walkways

Another place that shows wear that homeowners often don’t notice is the outside of the house. Grime builds up over months, years, even decades without someone washing it off. A good power wash can get rid of most of this unsightly problem.

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Renovations to Improve Your Home’s Resale Value
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