If you are thinking about selling your house, whether because you are moving overseas, to a new city or because you have simply outgrown this home; knowing how to market it effectively will help make this process faster and easier for you.

Your real estate agent will of course be able to give you plenty of advice, but in the meantime, here are some easy changes you can make now that will help you sell your home.

Make your house a home

When it comes to convincing prospective buyers, they are most likely to purchase a property where they can really picture themselves feeling at home and happy.

Therefore, you need to make sure your house inspires them to feel this way. If it is a family home, make sure you have photos and other personal touches still intact when buyers are viewing the home. This will show them that the house has been lived in and well loved.

The decision on which house to buy, especially if it is to become a new home, is typically an emotional as well as a practical decision – so take advantage of this!

A clean home is a happy home

It should go without saying that you need to ensure your house is well maintained and presentable.

Most buyers will be using property valuation software to ensure your house is a worthwhile investment. Putting the effort into cleaning and presentation will help reinforce this valuation.

Make sure to tend to the garden as well if you have one, and ensure the outside of your home is immaculate. Properties with “curbside appeal” tend to sell faster and for more profit.


Where at all possible, avoid showing your home without any furnishings.

There are two reasons for this:

  • If there are any carpet stains, marks on the walls and so on – you can cover these up with paintings and other strategic items. It’s not so much to deceive the viewer, but to show them the marks are not as prominent as they might appear when the house is empty.
  • If a room is particularly small, or an odd shape: sometimes it can be difficult to visualize a room’s potential without the furniture in it. You can help provide inspiration here.

At the same time, if you do have a room that is over cluttered, or perhaps the bed takes up most of the space and makes it look smaller: make sure to change this.

Know your market

When it comes to advertising the house, are you marketing this as a financial investment or a family home?

Knowing whether the next owner plans to turn it into a rental property or live there until retirement will help you decide what you need to emphasize the most in advertisements and flyers.

Real estate development software will come in handy, particularly if you plan to market the house as a lucrative investment. You can use this tool to find out what, if any, changes need to be made to help you get the best sale possible.

Do you definitely want to sell?

If you are struggling to make a sale, or if you are particularly attached to your home: bare in mind that selling does not have to be your only option.

Especially if your home is situated in a popular area and house prices are on the rise, waiting to sell could be a wise decision. Look into rental rates in your area and determine whether this is a financial investment worth holding onto.

Taking the pressure off making a sale will also make the moving process for you a lot easier and less stressful – one less thing to worry about!

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Marketing Your Home For Sale
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