Many people use the service of real estate agents to help them to sell off their property mainly because they are the professionals in the industry and should know better. To select the best real estate agent for ourselves, we should find out more about them before working together.

Here are some questions that you can use as a guideline to ask your real estate agent.

How are you going to advertise my property?

Find out more on how they are advertising and which medium and channels that they are using.

Sales history record

Find out about how many sales the agent has made in the neighborhood that your property is located. You’d prefer an agent who is familiar with the area as he will be able to recommend a good price for your property based on the current market.

How accessible are you?

If the agent is working full time, it means you’ll have more attention. If he is working part time, this means you can only contact him during certain hours.

Number of sellers he is representing

The one with the most wins. The more he is representing tells that he is preferred by many property sellers.

What is my property market price at the moment?

This allows you to gauge the agent’s knowledge and their strategy in pricing your property.  A good agent can give you an in-depth analysis such as the current similar properties that are similar to yours, your property condition and such.

How often will you update me?

It is important to have an agent who will update you rather than one who is not reachable. He should furnish you with the latest information and offers that are available.

Explain the selling process to me

Find out and understand the complete process that is involved in selling your property. This is to help you understand and be less anxious about letting the agent to help you to sell your property. You can request for a personalized marketing plan from the agent to understand the whole picture.

What are the documents that I need to sign?

The agent should be able to give you the list of documents that you need to sign.

Will you provide me some references of previous clients?

You may need to hear from both sides, who are the agent himself and also his clients to make a fair judgement.

You are encouraged to do your research and interview a few real estate agents before you choose the one whom you want to work with.

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Questions To Ask Your Real Estate Agent
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