Selling a house is not a simple task that can be completed in a matter of weeks. There is a number of operations sand steps that need to be taken, even before the price can be established. One of the factors that will determine the property cost is how appealing it will look to the prospect buyers. This is the reason why many homeowners who are motivated to sell take a rewarding effort of house remodeling, or making all the necessary changes to make it more attractive. Spring is the right season for this, as it allows you to renovate your house both inside and outside.

Go Through the House

Not only are buyers straightforwardly discouraged from a badly maintained house, but such a property cannot dictate a high price. Before you start with the preparations, make sure you examined all the details that a prospect buyer would examine, and then some more. Inspect the floors and walls, kitchen and bathroom appliances, but also the light fixtures. Any issues that are discovered should be dealt with on short notice.

Start with Floors

After you have checked the house and repaired what needed to be repaired, you can start with a thorough cleaning. This would be easier if you remove all the unnecessary movables from the home. Sort out all the items you don’t need, items that can be recycled and especially the garbage. Start cleaning form the floor. Sweep and scrub the tile floors and laminates, and if you have a pet pay special attention to carpets. By using a commercial steam cleaner, you can make your floors look like new in no time.

Move to Kitchen and Bathrooms

Potential buyers will pay most attention to these two rooms, as they should be the ambassadors of cleanliness of your home. Clean the sink and the tub from smudges and mold, and treat the taps and other fixtures with a lime scale remover. You can use natural products like mixture of vinegar and water. Kitchen appliances should be spotless, especially the fridge and stove. Keep in mind that the buyer will actively try to find cracks and nicks in your home so they can negotiate a better price. Cleaning products often leave strong chemical odors, so remember to ventilate and apply a fragrant air freshener.

Replace Old with New

You can squeeze a bit more value out of your estate if you take an effort in replacing the worn out elements that don’t fit in the ideal image of a newly bought home. This is where I mean worn out rugs which are beyond reviving, unwieldy pieces of furniture, chandeliers, etc. You don’t have to spend a fortune, but you should replace those items with modern ones that needn’t catch an eye, but will contribute to the positive impression.  Some popular floor solutions like linoleum and floor carpets are widely outdated now. Get rid of those and lay more practical hardwood flooring and neutral area rugs.

Sunny Spots of Greenery

Your prospect buyer will surely appreciate well-maintained lawns and trees in the yard. And spring is the ideal season to add more greenery and colors to it. There are many low-maintenance flowering plants that could fill those beds and bring vivid colors to the spot. Sometimes even as single blossoming tree will make a buyer’s heart warm, kindling the pleasant memories of happy childhood and unforgettable family moments.

Several Hints on Preparing Your Home for Spring Sale

Lillian Connors

If one thing can be said with certainty for about Lillian Connors, her mind is nothing if not utterly curious. That's the reason why she simply can’t resist the urge to embark on all sorts of home improvement/DIY projects and spread the word about them. She's also deeply into green practices. You can check her out on Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

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