Real Estate Agents Should Utilize Social Media

Social media is without doubt a great way for estate agents to show potential buyers and sellers they are experts in their field. But the best real estate marketers are approaching social media as much as anyone else. One of the best ways estate agents can show off their expertise is through social media in sharing great property information and content.

Using your social media channels gives potential customers a comprehensive understanding of the market you serve, and lets them know the pros and cons of each neighborhood. Social has become one of the most successful methods of producing high-quality leads and outperforming other social media marketing tools such as email marketing, blog posts and website views as the most effective way to generate business. Over 77% of estate agents use social marketing and lead generation tools all the time, so make sure you do it right.

According to a recent study of the National Association of Realtors, social media have become an integral part of the industry in attracting customers and closing sales. The best real estate marketers use social media as an extension of themselves to reach more customers and gain a competitive advantage. A recent study by property website Close Up found that 44 per cent of estate agents said they had gained new customers by posting on social media in 2020.

In fact, last year, social media ranked second only to recommendations in obtaining new listings. According to the same NAR study that found that 77% of brokers social media in some way or another, NAR also found that 97% of brokers chose Facebook as their preferred social media marketing tool. A third of respondents chose Twitter as the top platform for online marketing.

Data from Statista shows that Facebook has more than two billion monthly active users, which undoubtedly makes it the most popular social media platform. Facebook doesn’t know who you are or what you’re doing, which makes it even harder for potential customers to find you.

There are countless dedicated Facebook groups where real estate professionals can network and give each other recommendations. Realtors on Pinterest have boards where they can get better listings, and they do so with a very good passion for fashion, food, decoration tips, inspirational quotes, real estate infographics and more.

Real estate relies on online platforms such as Zillow and social media sites, and the importance of these platforms is growing and will continue to grow. With more than 80 percent of the online users who are active on Facebook, for example, the possibilities are endless. Facebook is the most widely used platform for homeowners and sellers.

The great thing about these platforms is that they offer analytics that allows users to track the performance of their status updates, tweets, and other social media posts. With the increasing number of Internet users, the reach of digital platforms is diverse. The use of these platforms enables companies to grow and reach a larger population by providing unique educational experiences, content and information.

If you don’t use analytics to track social media progress, you missed a key way to measure how your social media marketing works for your lead generation and brand awareness strategy. This post contains some great pictures and good advice, but if you want to build your brand and leads on social media you need to do more.

We all know that when it comes to making your voice heard, it is about bringing as much value to the touchpoints that you, your customers and prospects are most likely to share the most. You also know that your online brand needs to reflect that. Homebuyers today expect an immediate answer to their questions as soon as they ask them, and that is only changing. An industry that once relied heavily on face-to-face contact had to adapt to remain relevant over the years.

It’s also a great way to open up a dialogue with customers before they pick up the phone. Continue to connect with your customers by asking for recommendations on LinkedIn, just as you would in person. This can be used to position oneself on the market and attract the attention of new customers.

Marketing offers companies a large number of methods to promote their products. Using multiple marketing modes can prove beneficial, as returns come from different segments. Regardless of whether you maintain platforms for people at different stages of the sales funnel, it is important to be aware of the segmentation of your audience.

Once you’ve finished creating your social media graphics, you can utilize Buffer to automate your social media posts and go live at a specific time and date. The first impressions of our customers are always online, whether on zoom or Instagram.

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Real Estate Agents Should Utilize Social Media
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