6 Factors That Affect Refinance Mortgage Rates

6 Factors That Affect Refinance Mortgage Rates post image

There are number of factors that affect refinance rate mortgage. You have to make higher monthly payments if the refinance rate mortgage is more. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the factors that affect refinance mortgage rates. In this article we will discuss about six factors that affect the best refinance mortgage rate.

Factors affecting refinance mortgage rate

The six factors that affect refinance rate mortgage are given below:

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Credit Scores: A major factor that affects the refinance rate mortgage is your credit rating. Credit scores are reflected on your credit reports. You can obtain credit reports from the three major credit bureaus every year. If you have good credit report then you will get lower interest rate. But, if you have a bad credit rating, then you have to pay higher rates. Therefore, it is important that you make your payments on time. Late payments have negative impact on the credit score. You can negotiate with the creditor to extend the deadline if are not being able to make payments on time.

Downpayment: If you are making a large down payment on the mortgage refinancing, then the lenders will offer you low refinance rate. A down payment of 20% will allow you to get lowest refinance rate. But with 5% down payment, the lenders will charge high refinance rate.

Amount of debt: The length and amount of the mortgage also affect the refinance rate mortgage. If you want to pay a fixed-rate on the refinanced loan then the interest rate is normally higher as compared to adjustable-rate.

Inflation: Another factor which affects the refinance rate is inflation. Inflation increases the cost of goods and the interest rate on money. In these circumstances, The Federal Reserve intervenes to lower the interest rates. Thereby the mortgage rates are also reduced.

Percentage Complete: Finally, find out how much more you have to pay for your current mortgage. If you have already paid 50% on your current mortgage and you have made the monthly mortgage payments on time, then you will be offered best refinanced rates by your preferred refinancing company.

Source: Try to take the loan from well-established refinancing providers because they generally charge low interest rate on the loans and also provide best service.

You can know about refinance rate mortgage through online also. But for that you have to give you have to give personal information. Therefore, make sure that you are dealing with a good firm that will keep your personal information secure.

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  • Largo FL Notary Public August 31, 2010, 2:00 pm

    Having a good credit score is so important. As a Realtor I can tell you that dealing with buyers with credit scores of less than about 650 is a real nightmare. They are always charged high interest rates.

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    The same goes about the amount of debt. Quite often buyers don’t realize that revolving debt on their credit cards is reported to credit agencies. Even if they pay them off in full every month! The statement balance is counted toward their total debt. It may make sense for a potential homebuyer to stay away from credit cards a month before buying (or refinancing). (Or pay the balance in full BEFORE the statement is received). From my experience it can increase the credit score 50+ points.

    Thanks for the article.

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    I’m glad my credit score is perfect, and I aim to keep it this way. Just don’t spend beyond your means. That’s the “secret” to keep a good credit score.

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