Eks is industrial-business concern “Ex-Forma” carries out working out, manufacture and delivery of the gas equipment for systems of industrial, agricultural and household objects.

All production made by company “Ex-Forma” has corresponding licenses and certificates. Our gas equipment is focused on Open Society “Gazprom” technical requirements, and completely corresponds to them. Except primary activity, the enterprise renders industrial services, such as metal processing, coloring of finished articles by powder paints, and also welding and assembly works.

The assortment of the let out industrial gas equipment is constantly updated at the expense of the modern kinds of production claimed in the market.

The industrial gas equipment made by company “Ex-Forma” corresponds to all quality standards. Company “Ex-forma” constantly participates in the All-Russia and international exhibitions. The industrial gas equipment which is let out by our firm, is repeatedly noted by diplomas and awards of the international level. The industrial gas equipment of firm “Ex-Forma” – the best on quality of production in the branch.

It is industrial-business concern “Ex-Forma” one of the largest firms who makes the gas equipment.

The company is created in Russia in the city of Saratov in 1991 for the purpose of working out and manufacture of new kinds of production, such as the gas equipment and armature for systems of gas supply of industrial, agricultural and kommunalnno-household objects.

Within 20 years of work of the company the assortment of the made equipment constantly increases. For an operating time in the market close connections between Open Company PKF “Ex-forma” and leading scientific research institutes, the design organizations known for manufacturers of the industrial gas equipment are adjusted. It allows us to complete any object of gasification on 100 %, to give technical support and to advise customers on all spectrum of the gas equipment.


The Industrial Gas Equipment
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