Why shouldn’t you put your house up on the market just as it is? Living in your home, the way you like it does not mean that other people will like it too. So, if you put up your house for sale as is, the possibility is that people may not like it.

The result would be a lower value than you were hoping for and a longer selling time.

It also depends on what market you are in or what type of community you are selling in.  For the 55 and over communities the home market is booming, but if your home does fit in that category, well here are tips.

Steps to take before putting your house up on the market

If you would like to increase the value of your hope and want it to sell sooner, then you must get it ready for the market. There are a lot of steps involved if you want to do so; let’s discuss them in detail.

Look for a listing agent 

Even though you will be able to list your own home, it is wise to hire a professional and let then list the house. Make sure that you find one that you trust. You can ask your relatives or friends for one, or you can look for one online. Check out the reviews and what other people have to say about them before you hire them. Talk to the listing agent and see whether you have a connection with them or not. Make sure that you ask them these questions:

  • Are they social media savvy?
  • Do they have experience in your location?
  • Do they have any connections to possible buyers?

Ask them to give you a proper listing plan so you can take action.

Do a little Research

Making a wild guess on the actual value of your home can result in either you choose a higher value or a lower one. In either case, you will be losing out on a lot. The best thing to do is to research on the values of the homes in your neighborhood. Go to your local real estate agent website and search in your area and check out the value of the homes for sale. Also, look at the condition they are in and differentiate between your house and the one up for sale. Few things you need to give special attention to are:

  • The size of your house and the one for sale
  • Location and surrounding area
  • Features that the house has

The value of your house and the one on sale will be different due to different features. For example, the square footage of your house is smaller than the other one, then your house will be of less value.

Light up your house

Many of us tend to leave a few fixtures without light bulbs. But when you are listing your house, you will need to turn on every light so that the buyers can inspect. So, buy some new ones, fix them up, and make your home seem a brighter and happier place to be.


Organizing your house and making sure that there is no clutter anywhere will make your house more appealing. Potential buyers will be able to see the house for what it is rather than the furniture and stuff inside.

Go into deep clean mode

No one likes a dirty house; the bad smells, litter, and unorganized home can make the buyers run out in 5 minutes. Before your house goes up, make sure that you clean each room, nook and corner, bathrooms, and every possible place. If you feel this is a big job, then call professionals for help.

Depersonalize the house

Putting a house up for sale means that you will have to let go of memories of the place you have lived in for years. When buyers come in, they feel that the house belongs to someone else, which can be a turnoff. The best thing to do is to depersonalize the house. That does not mean you make it uninviting as well. Just strike a balance between the two. For example, if you have too many framed photos, narrow them down to 2 or 3 around the house.


If you have children in your house, the possibility is that they wrote on the walls. Also, the paint could have lost its color with wear and tear over the years. Before listing, paint your entire home; choose light colors such as white or grey. This will make the house look brighter, comforting, and bigger as well.

Have a handyman ready

You may not have realized, but there will be a lot of things that you need to be fixed before you show your house. For that, you need to call a handyman, who will check and fix every issue in the house. These issues include leaking taps, wall cracks, squeaky doors, etc. You need to show the buyers that the house is well maintained.

Stage the house

There have been studies that show that if you stage your house, it will be easier and quicker to sell. People tend to relate better with staged houses, and the good part is that it is easy and cheap. You can look for ideas online. Do not forget to trim up the outside as well. As they say, first impressions count, and the outside of your house will be the first impression the buyers get. You can repaint the outside as well, cut the grass, trim the bushes, and clean.

Get a good photographer

Many buyers tend to look at the houses online before they decide to visit them. If the pictures of the house are unappealing, chances are that people do not visit. To ensure that does not happen, you will need to hire a professional photographer. They will know how to get the right picture at the right angle. Also, your realtor should know a few real estate photographers, so make sure you ask them before you look for someone yourself.

Get a storage unit

If you are a hoarder, or you just have too many things in the house, chances are that you have no storage space left in your home. The best thing you can do then is to rent a storage unit, declutter your home, and put all the unnecessary stuff inside the unit. It’s the perfect way to store your stuff temporarily, without having to bug other people for help.

Selling Your Home at the Right Value

Frederick Franks

Frederick Franks is a real estate broker at Local Realty Service, LLC with over 22 years real estate experience. Mr. Franks is married with 4 kids, he enjoy writing helpful real estate information for sellers and buyers.

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