Have you ever been in a situation where you had to sell your home? Just the thought of selling is stressful to many people. As a recently unemployed husband and father with a second child on the way, I recently have gone through this situation, and I was able to sell my house is 7 days.

Here are 5 key steps I took to accomplish this task.

Know your target market

The first thing that I look at whenever I’m designing a website, or trying to lead a fundraiser or any kind of situation where I’m trying to sell something, is to know my target market. The home that I sold is in Eau Claire, WI. According to the US Census Bureau, The Median Income across the United States is $51,598.

In Wisconsin that number is very close, $51,914. However, the median income in the city of Eau Claire is just $41,565. Because the median income is lower inside the city of Eau Claire, the average home is going to have to be priced lower, in order to be competitive and affordable to your target market.

Make your House Unique

In the book 48 Days to the Work you Love, successful author and speaker Dan Miller asks the question, “What’s your USP?” USP is an acronym that stands for Unique Selling Proposition. In other words, if there are 10 or 20 people in your town selling the exact same products as you are, what makes you unique? What makes you special? Dan asked that question in the context of a salesman, or the products that you could sell, but the same principal applies here. What makes your house unique, and different from all the other similar houses around the neighborhood?

Two things that I chose to do to make my house unique, is that I chose to include my 50” Plasma HDTV and stand with the house, and I included a custom built kids playground set with the house. What makes your home unique? What makes the homes that you are listing on the market unique, or different from all the rest?

Would you put your food in that Fridge?

One of the phrases that I heard our realtor say was “kitchens and bathrooms tend to sell houses.” Knowing that’s the truth, what are the things that stand out, good or bad, about your kitchens and bathrooms? Our house had new Black LG Refrigerator with side by side doors and a freezer drawer on the bottom. It was included with the house.

There was also a newer dishwasher from 2009, and new laminate floors installed throughout the Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, Hallway and one Bedroom that all had a matching flowing feel moving from one room to another. New high tech appliances can go a long way towards bringing an offer to the table quickly for the right motivated buyer.

Create more exposure through video and social media

Another key thing that a seller or realty company could do, is create a video walk through of the home, in order to bring more exposure to potential buyers. IF you’re in the business of selling real estate then investing in a good quality camcorder like the panasonic ag-hmc40 avccam camcorder could be a very effective way to get more leads and more customers by utilizing popular social media sites like youtube, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

Craigslist is also another very effective local listing service that has worked well for buying and selling goods and services.

All things being the same, how much would you pay?

Finally, the best thing you can learn about when selling your home is where to set the price point. By taking a look a dozen homes that have been recently sold, and another dozen that are currently for sale, I was able to quickly determine a competitive price point for the listing of the house. It wasn’t listed as the most expensive, or the least expensive house compared to similar homes that are for sale in this area, but when combined with the little extras like the Plasma TV and the back yard play set, our house became the best House on the Market.

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Sell a House Faster Through High Tech Upgrades
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Chris Wensink

Chris Wensink is an IT professional and Entrepreneur living in Wisconsin with his wife and daughter. For the last 8 years he has worked in the healthcare, retail sales, and corporate franchise industries, providing Information Technology, Videography, and Marketing services to small and large businesses. Chris runs a free video training site offering professional videography training using professional video camcorders and the 4 core Intel i7 macbook pro.

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