Blog monetizing is one of the current trend for webmasters and online entrepreneurs including real estate blogs. Although real estate niche itself involves business matters, the flexibility of blogs to be a platform for making money online is a great asset for webmasters to maximize the profits from their real estate blogs.

On of the great ways to monetize your real estate blog is through affiliate marketing and one of the great options to do this is through Amazon Associates. Amazon Associates is a program offered by Amazon, a website which provides variety of products that can be bought online. Through this program you can promote various products from Amazon especially the one related to real estate within your site and gain commission for every sale you made.

I’ve joined this program a few months ago and the results were great! However there’s one thing that you need to consider when promoting products from Amazon in your blog or content which is – creating affiliate link. You need this affiliate link to bring your readers or visitors to the products that you promote. To create this affiliate link, you need to:

  1. Login to your Amazon Associates account.
  2. Find for real estate product(s) that you want to promote.
  3. Select the affiliate method that you want to use (text links, images, etc)
  4. Copy the affiliate code.
  5. Paste the affiliate code into your content.

This involves quite a long process and you have to do this for every product that you want to promote.

However now we got the best solution for this matter which is – Easy Azon!

Easy Azon helps you to promote the products from Amazon faster and easier. What you have to in order to promote a particular product is:

  1. Write a new post / Edit existing post
  2. Select the product that you want to promote. You can see the example in the screenshot below. For example I want to promote a product related to real estate agent so I use the keyword “real estate agent”. The results will be displayed and I just need to select the product and it will be included in the post that I’ve written.

Simple, right?

If you are really serious to monetize your real estate blog, I suggest using Easy Azon because it’s easier, faster and ccan help you to optimize your earnings by promoting products from Amazon on your blog!

Monetizing Your Real Estate Blog with Easy Azon
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