Malaysia is a unique country in Asia for its mixture of cultures and various influences of its people combined with the huge vary of expats which create the country a melting pot of culture and a desirable place to visit and live.

Let’s see some of the best places to live in Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley

The capital city is often the first alternative for expats and when it involves living, there’s plenty of choice. Living in the town centre is quite expensive and hectic but inside the Klang Valley there are numerous selections, from condos to houses, hilly suburbs to bustling townships or gated communities.

Being a cosmopolitan capital, anything you wish will be bought and there are vast amounts of malls and eateries. The city contains a good train and bus system however moving with a car is critical if you reside in some of the any townships.


Penang is a contemporary metropolis with trendy amenities and easy tiny town friendliness, offering the best of both worlds. Best of the east and west, while retaining its previous-world flavor  A nice place to relish life after retirement or for future vacation vacation.

This island may be a world off from the bustle of the capital. As a well-liked selection for weekenders and retirees, Penang offers a a lot of laid back lifestyle, with an historical town centre and some of the best food within the country. The expat community is smaller here, but housing is cheaper and there is a range of condos, houses and bungalows to choose from.

There are a number of good international faculties in Penang, and it is solely 45 minutes flight from KLIA. There is a bus system, but no trains as nonetheless, and most individuals travel round the island by automobile.


As a port and a cultural gem, Melaka is the 3rd smallest Malaysian state and attracts a lot of tourists who visit for the recent buildings and the famous food. The expat community in Melaka is quite little, however there’s one international faculty and a choice of condos and houses. There are regular bus connections to KL and some local bus routes, but Melaka does not have a train station in the centre. Inside the historical half of town it is easier to walk, however having a car would be helpful for moving in a longer distances.


Kuching is the capital town of Sarawak and may be a culturally-made city where the expat community is slowly growing. There are numerous international colleges in Kuching, and therefore the pace of life is slower than in KL. There’s plenty of choice in terms of housing options, and the town offers malls and entertainment for all of your desires, along with easy connections because of its international airport.

The high reasons individuals keep here is Kuching acknowledged as a liveable town. According to WHO, Kuching is one amongst the top 10 liveable town in the world.The individuals are peace loving. The food are smart. The No. 1 reason is that the Malaysia government supply the Malaysia Second Home Program that welcome everybody around the planet to stay in Kuching.

Kota Kinabalu

As the capital of Sabah, this city is gradually changing into more cosmopolitan however still offers a terribly laid-back approach to city living. As it enjoys close proximity to a range of beautiful islands, Kota Kinabalu is well-liked with tourists and it additionally has a global airport. This space is turning into a lot of well-liked with expats as industry blossoms and it offers a world school plus some good hospitals. There is a bus system in Kota Kinabalu however travelled by car is preferable.

Best Places to Live in Malaysia
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