It must be emotionally draining having to go through disputes related to real estate. A commissioner such as the Maricopa County Real Estate Special Commissioner is your best solution when putting such issues behind you.

But who are the real estate special commissioners? They are registered real estate brokers that are appointed by a court to handle all real estate related disputes. Special real estate commissioners step in when real estate disputes are beyond mutual agreement. It is imperative noting the courts monitor all activities of special commissioners. Some of their duties include;

  • They analyze the markets to get the best value related to the property.
  • Preparing a property for the market through repairs/renovations.
  • Since the courts monitor their activities, they make court appearances when needed to.
  • Through finding ways to reduce liabilities and increase value, special real estate commissioners have a duty of negotiating the best contracts.
  • Real estate commissioners have a duty of exploring ways to bring a specific property to the market.

After reading this information, you might probably be sighing in relief, but wait, there is more. What traits should be displayed by an excellent commissioner such as a Maricopa county special real estate commissioner? Read the following characteristics;

1. Excellent negotiation skills

Ever heard of Carrie Fisher? She is well known for her quote, “Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing”. An excellent special real estate commissioner must be the best when it comes to negotiation. Their definition of the word negotiation does not come from the dictionary; it means securing a good deal. 

In most cases, a property will lose its value with time or the same might be inspired by factors such as market and economic trends. By the real estate commissioners having a background in real estate, their negotiation skills should be related to the trends directly affecting real estate.

2. Outstanding communication skills

In anything related to real estate, communication should never be poor. You will need them to update you on every development; after all, nobody wants surprises in such situations. Some of the areas you will need clear communication on are;

  • Filling you in on all the market trends.
  • What the laws say.
  • Updates from potential clients.
  • Developments from the lawyers/courts (if you don’t appear in person).
  • Buying a property is a process; they should, therefore, display excellent communication skills when talking to the clients.

An excellent commissioner such as a Maricopa county special real estate commissioner should, therefore, display strong communication skills in the areas mentioned above.

3. Embraces technology

Today, technology is vital in almost all industries, and real estate is not an exception. A special real estate commissioner must, therefore, adopt technology. How does it help? Well, they shouldn’t do it with a mere reason of fitting in or following the trends.

Embracing technology such as having an online presence ensures you receive every information you might need relating to real estate and their activities. Such information includes;

  • What are their activities
  • Circumstances when you might require you to seek their services.
  • Their location

4. Honesty and integrity

Picture this; seeking a speedy resolution of your real estate stalemate with your ex-spouse. Getting special commissioner might be easy, but how would you react upon discovering they are dishonest? That’s right. You wouldn’t be happy about it. An excellent special real estate commissioner must, therefore, at all times, work under the principle of integrity and honesty.

That ensures doubt or mistrust do not consume you. When seeking a special real estate commissioner’s services, you might be emotionally at your lowest. That said, how do you find an honest special real estate commissioner. It is simple.

  • They should guarantee you of these two qualities.
  • Consider visiting the client review page on their website.
  • Check whether or not they listed and recognized by the necessary bodies or authorities.
  • Are they recognized for those qualities among their peers?
  • The listed four points should be instrumental when identifying an honest and special real estate commissioner that works with integrity.

5. Bias is a No-No

Do you know the main principle a court works under? Justice for all. As mentioned earlier, a special real estate commissioner is appointed by the courts. The courts also supervise their activities. Since they work under a courts supervision, they must be guided by the mantra “justice for all” and bias is not a part of that.

From a moral point of view, being biased in such a situation will result to one party being unsatisfied and that might trigger lengthy court battles.

Final take

As much as you would want to put real estate disputes with your ex-spouse behind you. A wrong decision can fuel your problems. It is there vital looking for a special commissioner who has the listed qualities, and an excellent example is the Maricopa County Real Estate Special Commissioner.

5 Qualities A Special Real Estate Commissioner Must Have

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