Home improvements, if done well, will almost always add some value to your property. However, if you are inexperienced, even the smallest of projects can often look taunting.

Luckily for you we’ve put together 4 home improvements that you don’t need a degree in rocket science to complete and won’t break the bank either! We’ve focused on areas of the house such as the kitchen and the bathroom that once complete will really bring your home back to life and give it the wow factor again.

1. The Kitchen

A home buyer considers the kitchen to be one of the most important rooms in the house so it is important that you make a good impression. Without spending too much money you can make some fairly straight forward changes that will help to transform the look of your kitchen.

Improving your appliances is a good starting point. Most home buyers will test the appliances so first off, make sure they all work! Ideally, although not always possible if you are trying to keep costs down, make sure the colours of the appliances match as a sense of uniform as opposed to mismatches is always more appealing. Finally and probably the easiest job for you, make sure the appliances and kitchen is clean! A dirty kitchen is an unattractive kitchen and you want this to be a welcoming room, rather than a health hazard.

If the walls haven’t been painted for a few years and are gathering dirt and grease then a new coat of paint will make a big difference. Now again if you’re trying to keep costs down you’re not going to want to fit brand new kitchen but you would be surprised how much of a difference fitting up to date knobs to cupboards have which is relatively inexpensive.

2. Update the bathroom

A nice bathroom is always a plus point and guaranteed to add some value. Some quick and cheap fixes to consider are changing the towel rails, faucets and light fittings to modern fixtures to give a more contemporary look.

Make sure that any lime scale is scrubbed of tiles and if the grout is looking a bit worse for wear then re-grout the tiles to give it a fresh look. A new shower head won’t break the bank but will make a big improvement from your old discolored one.

You can refer to Bathroom Remodeling for Dummies for guides on renovating your bathroom. This book covers most aspects related to bathroom remodeling including space making and turning your bathroom space into beautiful and well-designed bathroom.

3. Maintain the Garden

Landscaping your garden can be heavy duty work but if you put a bit of effort in and spend a little money, it could easily increase the value of your home.

If your garden has a lawn but no or very small borders, then consider a shrubbery with some freshly planted flowers. This will break up the lawn and add some features and even talking points.

Remember keep the grass mown. It doesn’t take long and it makes a big difference. First impressions count for a lot and an unmaintained garden or lawn could reflect badly on a buyer’s impression of the rest of the property.

4. Create the Appearance of your Home being New

Whilst it may be 50 years since your home was first built with not too much effort you can still create the feel of a new home inside. For instance a fresh coat of paint will do wonders to brighten the place up and also give it that ‘new house’ smell.

Try to use neutral colours and make sure the place is clean and tidy. You may want to hire out a professional carpet shampooer to restore your carpets to their former glory and get rid of any odours in them. With neutral colours and a fresh look and smell it will really go a long way to help sell the property.


4 Easy Home Improvements: Increase Your Property Value
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