Setting up a business in Kent is one of the most attractive options to both small and established businesses alike, offering cheaper costs than London yet all the while much more relaxed, scenic surroundings.

Kent also widely known as the “Garden of England” has attracted many people over the years to live in its scenic, historic towns and cities. Now, however, with easy, fast and direct links not only to London but also Paris, Brussels and Lille, Kent has established itself as one of the premier counties in England in which to set up a business.

Of course, its not all about saving money in the setting up of your business, but in continually saving money with the lower running costs. Each and every time living and working expenses are released, London invariably at the top. Kent, on the other hand, sees much lower expenses, the example of which being that many thousands still opt to move to Kent even if they work in central London.

Thankfully, Kent can also offer the staff you would need to run your business, with a workforce of around three quarters of a million people, many of whom have graduated from one of the county’s four universities (namely, Canterbury Christ Church University, University of Kent, University of Greenwich and The University of Creative Arts), all of which offering graduates from a wealth of disciplines.

Work aside, Kent also offers much in the form of open parkland, good housing and uninterrupted stretches of sandy beaches. It is steeped in history, with many of its towns and cities boasting a castle (or sometimes two) as well as the bucolic oast houses used in olden days to dry the hops used in brewing.

With all this to offer both the business and its employees who live and work in the county, it is little surprise many businesses are now turning their back on London and moving away to somewhere a little more inviting.

What Kent Has That London Doesn’t
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