Searching for real estate can often be difficult and strenuous. This process can become even more tedious when you are looking for a luxury property. While it is possible to find luxury homes all over the United States, there are some specific areas that can be more promising than others.

Finding the right luxury property can be challenging, but these states can offer a good starting point as they are the top three states in America in terms of luxury real estate.


The first state on this luxurious list is California. With areas so lavish they have their own nicknames, such as the “Platinum Triangle”, it is no surprise to see California at the top of this list. Places like Beverly Hills and Bel Air (both parts of Los Angeles’ famous Platinum Triangle) offer secluded luxury communities that provide both privacy and access to the best restaurants and shops. Areas like Rancho Santa Fe offer ultra-exclusivity with their gated communities that help make up one of the most expensive zip codes in the country. The large number of luxury properties in areas like these make California one of the top states in regards to luxury real estate options.

New York

Another state on this short list is New York. Few states can match the diverse luxury offerings of New York real estate. For those who prefer elegance within a bustling city environment, cities such as Manhattan offer luxury properties in the forms of townhomes, lofts, and condos. These luxury real estate options typically boast incredible views of the city and provide easy access to world class dining and shopping. For those who don’t enjoy the city lifestyle, East Hampton can provide a more exclusive living situation with its private village and beach.

Another thing that luxury real estate in New York brings to the table is a historical element. One such property that is steeped in tradition is the Residence at River House which is currently one of the most expensive homes for sale in the U.S. The Residence is located in Manhattan and used to serve as the clubhouse for the River use club, a club that was so exclusive it denied Richard Nixon membership. Many of the luxury estates in New York have rich histories which make them unique and iconic.


Florida rounds out this list for best states in the U.S. for luxury real estate. Florida combines an ideal tropical climate with incredible luxury real estate offerings. With places like Palm Beach, which began as a resort for the wealthy and resides on a barrier island, luxury home buyers can create their own private tropical paradise.

Much like New York, Florida offers luxury living for those who prefer the big city lifestyle. Miami combines the desirable climate of Florida with a waterfront metropolis that provides luxury real estate options from condos to multi-million dollar estates. Also, it is worth mentioning that the nightlife in Miami is known to be second to none.

All of three of these states provide a wealth of options for luxury real estate. Each state brings something unique and ranks highly for luxury real estate options for different reasons. When searching for a luxury property these states can provide a good jumping off point as they represent the top three states in the U.S. in terms of luxury real estate.

Top 3 States in America for Luxury Real Estate
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