Making your living room into a design masterpiece is not something that is easily done. First of all, have a clear vision of what you wish your newly designed room to look like and then take every step of the designing process thoughtfully and chronologically.

If you are uncertain about anything related to the matter, do go through the following couple of advice, we prepared for you; they will surely lead you to your goal in the safest manner.


Color is crucial for setting the mood of your living room, so pay special attention when choosing the prevailing palettes. First of all, you need to decide on the general mood. If you wish to achieve a dynamic atmosphere, opt for a combination of complimentary colors, that is, the colors which are opposite to each other on the color wheel. Most frequently used combinations are red and green and blue and orange. On the other hand, if you wish to achieve a more calming appearance, you should opt for asynchronous colors, that is, three neighboring colors on the color wheel. Finally, you can choose a monochromatic combination which uses three different values of the same color.


Any artwork that you plan on displaying in your living room needs to have at least one binding motif. This could be the color foundation, mutual pattern, familiar framework or historical period they belong to. Furthermore, do not overdo with the number or size of artwork displayed. Less is more approach is what is needed here, it is better to have a single centerpiece than a dozen of small or midsized once. Cluttered wall look messy, do avoid it.


Color and decluttering principles apply here too. Primary effect should be reinforcing the atmosphere, and, at the same time, letting the room breath by not piling up furniture items. Implement only those that are highly useful and stylistically complimentary.

Holding on to a specific historical period is a sure win. For example, Victorian style symbolizes class while 60’s and 70’s portray comfort. Also, the choice of material needs to be consistent, by all means do not mix wood and plastic nor metal and leather.


Stylish and comfortable flooring significantly improves the atmosphere and warmness of your living room. Once more, you need to pay attention to color, style and patterns, they need to blend those of artwork and furniture. Material plays and important role too, however, manufacturing processes nowadays allow you limitless combinations. To get the general idea of the vast offer, look for rugs online, you will surely a suitable one.


Stylistic and blend in principle apply naturally apply here as well. However, even though everything mentioned above has been perfectly executed but you fail to do such a perfect job when it comes to lighting, your dreams of a perfect living room will collapse like a house of cards the minute it gets dark. If a living room is too bright or too dark, clearly the atmosphere will be damaged. So, the best way to avoid this would be to have a central, ceiling fixed, source of light and a number of additional ones.

Carefully placed lamps in the corners of the room will prevent shadows from appearing and give the room a more spacious outlook. Candles and wall fixtures are also welcomed, with minimalistic approach. On the other hand, the more natural light, the better.

A plan for a design masterpiece of a living room is done and proof read. You only need perfect execution now. Be patient and meticulous and you will surely be proud of your achievement.

Living Room: Tips for Creating a Design Masterpiece

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