Not often you come across common every day real estate tips that actually help you in the process of either buying or selling a home. While the devil is in the details it’s important to remember what separates the successful real estate agents and personal sellers from the destitute and habitual losers in this game of buying and selling homes.

Bounce some ideas to get a Price Range

The first priority needs to be setting a realistic expectation of a selling range. Even if you take out a full page NY times ad, it will still not sell if it’s not priced to sell. Friends and family are typically not experts in this field, but asking their input could be a great statistical sample of what the average Joe or Jane thinks your home may be worth.

Self Marketing Online without an Agent

If you have a very tight budget, there are ways to market for “free” online. Craiglist is an excellent resource, but many people will not be ready to make a purchase, and these will be less qualified leads. This is where friends and family come to help filter through social ties. Facebook and Twitter are enormous resources – if you  have a good friends network, simply post your exterior/interior photos of your home along with some contact information. Ask your friends if they know anyone who might be interested. You could very well have a friend of an Aunt’s cousin calling you ready to make a purchase for their “first home”.

Real Estate Agents Using Every Marketing Avenue

Real estate professionals of course need to use the pre-existing marketing channels but also create their own website, and obtain higher search engine rankings in Google through backlinks which will multiply the ultra targeted leads. While other agents are struggling with cold calls, you could have potential buyers contacting you.

Whether you are selling a personal home, helping a family member out, or run a professional real estate company, the internet is a perfect medium for both parties to engage in the buying and selling process. Video is often overlooked – it has the best chance of being seen, watched, and disseminated versus any type of information. Look at all the “viral videos”; people like to see things in fluent motion as opposed to pictures and text. Never overlook Youtube when buying or selling homes.

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Leveraging Friends, Family and The Internet To Sell Real Estate
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