Cleaning the house is not always easy. It may seem quick to do but there are times when we cannot find time in our busy schedules to do even the simplest household tasks. Especially if every member in the family is out working and there is no helper assigned to clean the room, the clutter will pile up and lead to more problems later.

There’s no magic or miracle that can happen with just a flick of the wand. However, you can accomplish cleaning the living room in a flash with the following tips.

Collect things that don’t belong

This task is as easy as identifying shapes that do not belong in the picture. Even kids can help out and contribute their time to finish collecting things that do not necessarily have to be in the living. Examples are children’s toys, used clothes, and dirty plates. Throw clothes to the washing machine, get the plates to the dish washer, and put the toys back into their proper order. The main idea here is just to get them out of sight in the living room.

Clean the table

The major centerpiece in the living room must be the table. Clean the table with the use of a microfiber cloth and wipe all the objects on top with a damp rag. Then, finish off the cleaning and remove moisture with a dry cloth. This task can be done in less than five minutes. If you have guests arriving at the house in an hour, you can be sure that the table will be neat in no time.

Sweep the floor

Sweeping the floor may be too basic, but this should be done right. You can always start by putting away trashes and removing them from the living room. Once you have a visible start, the next step is to learn the proper way to sweep the floor. Hold the broom like a canoe paddle and sweep the dust and dirt from the outside.

Use vacuum

If your living room is carpeted, it would be best to use a vacuum to remove smaller dirt particles and discard dirt that sits in between the fiber of the carpet to clean the floor entirely. You can also use the vacuum and a long stick to remove cobwebs from the ceiling and walls as well as crumbs and lint from the upholstered furniture.

Provide a nice setting

Any property for rent or condominium for sale in Scout area must be desirable and convenient if it has a good ventilation system. Whether you live on a top floor of a high-rise building, a landed house, or a condominium, fresh air and good lighting will bring positive vibe and ambiance to the living room. It will be best if you can open the windows for good flow of energy and ventilation. It will also help for you to arrange and bring in fresh flower or plant arrangements and place them around the room. For the final touchup, spritz a light air freshener into the living room. This small adjustment results in big impact.


These quick tips for home organization may be applicable for every household and can be done in about 15 minutes. Imagine how you can transform your living room to a more presentable setup which can be done either at the start of the day or before you go to sleep at night. You can also ask help from other members in the family so you can share the load and also spend quality time together.

5 Quick Living Room Cleaning Tips

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